Real Snakeskin and Specialty Blank selection

OK, here is an exotic series of Wakefield Woodworker turning blanks that are sure to turn heads. Real Diamondback and Prairie Rattlesnake skins are carefully wrapped around a brass tube, encased in clear, non-yellowing acrylic, then hand turned to an exact pen profile, polished to a mirror like shine, and finally assembled into the pen style of your choosing. All are guaranteed to elicit very interesting conversations.

The same process is used for our other specialty blanks shown below creating embossed leather, carbon, glass fibre, and beautiful simulated Mother of Pearl ( a luminescent material from inside of pearl oysters ) pen blanks. Any one will provide a unusual and truly unique appearance.

Snakeskin and Specialty turning blanks, $15 to $40.00 ( pen not included, prices for pen blanks only, snakeskin blanks not available on some pens and gifts ).

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