Wood gifts

Hand crafted Wood Gifts simplify your gift giving decisions. Practical, and beautiful they will be memorable to give as well as to receive. The select Wood Gifts offered here have been our most popular.

Check out our Specials and Current Inventory for Wakefield Woodworker products available for immediate shipping.

Personalize your gift by selecting a wood species or specialty turning blank. You may even define the turning shape of the finished turned blank if you are so inclined.

Additional Wood Gifts are available by special order. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will quote it.

Seam Rippers and Stilettos - perfect utility accessory for the seamstress and quilter.

Key Rings - economical, makes a great gift for anyone.

Wine Stoppers - pair with a bottle of their favorite wine for a spectacular gift set.

Egg Kaleidoscope -  kaleidoscopes have a fascination for kids young and old. Our Eggscopes are beautiful in their own right, but with a simple turn the visuals provided by the internal colorful jewel chips and mirrors make any day special.

Back Scratcher - functional as well as beautiful. Our 24kt Gold plated back scratcher is sure to remedy anyone's itch.

Shoe Horn - a wonderful gift for anyone, but especially for an aging parent or friend.

Custom Darts - Set of three darts for the recreational and pro dart player. All three darts are precision matched weighted to within 0.1grams of the thrower's specs - anywhere between 18 to 26 grams.

Prices start as listed for each Wood Gift item. Actual price will be dependent on the wood or material selected for the turning component of the gift.

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