Wood Blank selections

Domestic and exotic hardwood turning blanks are naturally beautiful for any pen and wood gifts.

The ever unique, radiant swirling grains, colors, tones, and character of the offered wood species have been prized by woodworkers for centuries, as well as are perennial favorite of our customers.

Especially popular are the stabilized, dyed woods and burls that extend the natural beauty of the wood into a stunningly colorful canvas of deep depth that accents any pen or gift style.

We even can supply very unique wood species like authentic Jerusalem Olive wood, and New Zealand Kauri, a 100,000 year old wood from an extinct tree.

You may even supply your own memorable wood for that personal, special writing instrument or gift - no charge for supplied wood or material.

Wood turning blanks, price dependent on species
$2.00 to $8.00+ ( pen not included, prices for pen blanks only, larger gift wood blank prices are higher).

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