Molding Montage Video

Interested in how molding is created? Watch the video and read the work activity list below to find out.

Making molding ( some steps are optional )

  1. Molding knife profile in-house availability check, order custom knives as required
  2. Source wood species in boards of appropriate quality, width, and lengths ( typically ordering 30% overage )
  3. Gang sawing setup
  4. Gang saw boards to molding width(s), maximize use of board widths
  5. Outfeed flap sander / edge molding profiles setup
  6. Molding profile knives setup
  7. Molding run
  8. Inline QC Inspection of molding
  9. Finish sand molding if required
  10. Apply stain / tint / paint as required per customer spec
  11. Apply protective finish as required per customer spec
  12. Final QC Inspection
  13. Protective wrap molding
  14. Deliver molding to customer site

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