Pen Making Video

Interested in how a pen or wood gift is created? Watch the video and read the work activity list below to find out.


Making a pen, step by step ( start to finish time about one day, actual work about 1.5 hrs. per pen )

  1. Obtain wood blank
  2. Cut wood blank to pen / gift style blank sizes, for a pen usually one or two blanks approx. 3/4" x 3/4" x 3"
  3. Drill hole down through exact middle of blanks on drill press using appropriate size drills for pen style
  4. Mix and spread epoxy into wood blank holes and onto pen brass tube inserts
  5. Twist pen brass tube inserts into holes in the wood blanks, clean up epoxy squeeze out
  6. Wait 24 hours for full epoxy cure
  7. Trim both ends of blanks exactly perpendicular to, and up to ends of internal brass tubes using bench disk sander
  8. Remove dried epoxy from inside brass tubes using barrel trimmer on drill press
  9. Place wood blanks on lathe mandrel with appropriate size pen style sizing bushings
  10. Precision lathe turn wood blanks to pen style cap, band, and tip diameter dimensions
  11. Precision lathe cut a tenon into the blank if required by pen style
  12. Lathe sand wood blanks to a smooth finish - 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, and 600 sandpaper grits in turn
  13. Repair any wood defects reveled by sanding, especially in burl wood type blanks; resand again ( step 12 )
  14. Lathe burnish wood blanks using EEE Ultra Shine - provides up to 2000 sandpaper grit burnish
  15. Lathe finish wood blanks with multiple coats of High Build Friction Shellac until mirror like finish
  16. Remove wood blanks from lathe mandrel
  17. Assemble pen mechanical parts into the finished wood blanks using a pen press
  18. Inspect pen assembly for any visual defects, test for smooth operation of pen mechanism, and proper ink flow
  19. Clean / buff / Canabura wax polish finished pen assembly using buffing wheels

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