12ga Over Under Bullet Pen

Our 12ga Over Under pen is inspired by the popular Over and Under combination rifle / shotgun, and will make the perfect gift for any hunter, sportsman, trap & skeet shooter, or gun enthusiast.

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The Over Under style shotgun is a favorite for hunting a wide variety of game, from deer to game birds. The shooter can choose the barrel appropriate for the target.

All facets of this pen are big and impressive reproductions of the original. They include a 12ga shotgun shell cap, a 30 caliber bullet style pen body, and shotgun pocket clip. Available in roller ball, or fountain pen styles.

Upper pen barrel, and lower pen barrel wood turnings preference should be included with your order. Typically the upper barrel is your preferred shotgun shell color - black, red, green, blue, etc. The lower barrel may be any domestic or exotic wood species, or a complementary acrylic color or design, for example woodland camo, or a specialty turning like rattlesnake or diamondback snake skin, deer antler, river buffalo horn turning. You may even supply your own memorable wood or turnable material for that special 12ga Over Under pen.

Prices start at $50, actual price depends on wood / acrylic / specialty turning blanks selected for upper / lower barrels.

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